Frontline refuge

Frontline Refuge was created by Dr Precious Chikura, a South African medical doctor, in an effort to create pro-active mental health support for healthcare workers.

This platform was born out of the need for access to mental health care for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As more cities retreat into lockdown and social distancing, health care workers are at the coal face of rising morbidities and mortalities. This is the space to reach out if you need help, by equipping yourself with mental health strategies and accessing our growing directory of mental health professionals in South Africa

Our Mission

To provide access to mental stability for healthcare workers during crisis


Our Vision

To help healthcare workers in South Africa access free mental healthcare via remote platforms. Frontline refuge aims to do that by creating a growing directory of mental health professionals who offer free counselling and by providing regular resources for mental health care.

Are you a mental health professional, willing to assist healthcare workers during this difficult time?